Interactive Fairy Tale You Say?

Aaron Porter and I had a meeting the other night which might bear something incredible for the near future. We discussed the building of an interactive fairy tale show live performance that would immerse kids in part of the world of Desdemona’s Dreams. When you put our heads together, you not only hear a hard clunking sound, you also get lightning strikes of creativity that have brought us thus far into the world of fairy tales.

Imagine the two of us up on a stage, being our ridiculous selves, talking to kids about dreams, how important they are, and that they have the ability to shape their world if they believe in them. Even the scary dreams are still our dreams, and if they’re ours, then we can choose what we do with them. Then we have the audience take part in the fairy tale, some kids being brought up on stage to play parts, some in the audience with props, and everyone else having a role at some point in the tale as well. I remember how often I fell into the world of a good story, and this may be a chance for Mr. Porter and myself to make that even more of a reality, especially for children that may need a little extra motivation to pay attention to anything not involving a screen.

To all the adventures ahead of us!


All the unicorns,

Z.W. Mohr

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