A Read Along Audiobook Free For You

What’s that you say? A read along audiobook for free? How can this be? How can Z.W. Mohr and Aaron Damon Porter just give this away? Truth be told, it’s because we think you’re awesome and want you to share even more of this world with us. Z.W. Mohr went up to Atlanta last week and recorded at LaStrange Fantastique Psychedelic Funporium Recording Studios, with owner and friend Mike Lasage. It was a pretty magical 4 days filled with laughs, silly voices, sound effects, and music all packed into a 32 minute audiobook. It even has a magical sound to tell children when to turn the page, in case they aren’t quite up to the reading level of the book yet. We both love the idea of parents listening to it with their kids, but understand that sometimes parents need their children to have a little alone story time too. Here’s the link for everyone that you can also save to your computer, or mp3 player:


It’s also on SoundCloud at https://soundcloud.com/user-597203570/desemonas-dreams


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