Book Signing at Tubby and Coo’s

Hey there amazing dreamers, this is author Z.W. Mohr. I wanted to invite anyone in the New Orleans area to come to their local book shop, Tubby and Coo’s in Midcity http://tubbyandcoos.com/at 631 N. Carrollton Ave, on November 25th starting at 10am, for small business Saturday! I’ll be there signing books and ready to meet amazing … Continued

The Rubber Library Readings!

This past Sunday at noon I had the incredible pleasure of reading to children and their parents at The Rubber Library on the corner of Piety and Dauphine, in the New Orleans Bywater neighborhood. As I read the kids drew in closer. They’d ask questions every now and then, make silly noises, or wiggle around … Continued

The Magic of Confetti Park

We were recently interviewed by Katy Hobgood Ray of Confetti Park. It was a great interview, and Aaron Porter and I were made aware of the great world of Confetti Park. They have a fantastic music program with kids, and have put out a truly terrific album titled We’re Going To Confetti Park. The songs … Continued

Children’s Book Launch and Signings!

On Sunday, November 6th, Aaron Porter and myself, launched our latest book in the Desdemona’s Dreams series, The Land of Mar. What a beautiful day to sell fairy tale books and artwork, as a light breeze made its way through the sunshine on the patio of Tubby and Coo’s book shop. We signed our picture books, … Continued

A Read Along Audiobook Free For You

What’s that you say? A read along audiobook for free? How can this be? How can Z.W. Mohr and Aaron Damon Porter just give this away? Truth be told, it’s because we think you’re awesome and want you to share even more of this world with us. Z.W. Mohr went up to Atlanta last week … Continued

Here’s Our Interview On New Orleans Living Television

We’re about 13 minutes in, and it was a great time. Our host Maria Muro was great to talk to, and Aaron and I were laid at ease by her charismatic and sweet interviewing style. She genuinely loves fairy tales, and was a pleasure to talk to. I can honestly say we articulated ourselves well. … Continued

NOLA Kids and all the signings

April 2nd was such a fantastic day of signing books, talking about Desdemona’s Dreams, getting to know people as they walked by in the sunshine. Aaron and I sat outside of NOLA Kids, laughed, told tales, had friends visit, signed books for complete strangers that felt like friends afterwards, and were surrounded by music and French … Continued